Become a Deep Roots healer

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Become a Deep Roots healer in 4 weeks or in your own time

  • Simple technics to getting started with healing yourself and others.
  • Achieve powerful results right from the start
  • Technics for grounding and connecting with the highest possible source
  • A safe space for practicing healing on people, getting feddback and gaining self confidence
  • An active, loving, supportive fb-group for sharing, questions and support
  • Expert tools for your own spiritual development

Keep material forever. Practice in your own time - On your own, with buddies and practice clients in our large forum

Become a part of a network of healers, to exchange healing, get support, share and ask questions.

Get What You Want Without Struggle or Giving In To Doubt

I created the course Healing with Deep Roots to give you this kind of power. When you go through the excercises, you'll learn exactly what awakens your gifts - what they REALLY feel like and understand why it never worked for you before. You'll learn:

  • All about offering a Healing session from a to z: Giving you the confidence and concrete steps to always perform a powerful healing session, even from the first time (I gladly connect you to practice clients and the other participants with whom you have your first mind blowing experiences) - Connecting to a power source that does all the hard work and let's you enjoy the results of inner satisfaction and positive client feedback.
  • To use your physical body as a portal to your gifts: I can't stress it enough - if you don't have THIS with healing and working with spirituality, you have close to nothing. I'll teach you the ins and out of the enlightenment path - the path that you are walking whether you know it or not - Where you will no longer ignore the human part of you, but actually use that part to get profound, purpose based and joyful, daily experiences, instead of just feeling deep spiritual connection on retreats or in deep meditation. 
  • The right way to heal: I don't actually believe that there is a right way. But I will show you 1 very efficient and powerful way that WORKS within weeks. A technique that will only boost all your other techniques if you have any. I'll show you why it's crucial to have a good technique - so you don't accidentally drain yourself from energy.
  • The #1 intuition killer: I won't hold anything back from you. I'm going to tell you what works like magic to open to psychic skills, and I'm also going to reveal behaviors that will automatically cause your system to shut down from sensing anything at all. You'll want to pay close attention. And don't worry, I'll show you how to jump start your abilities if they have come to a plateau or have closed down at some stage in your life - or even know when to take a small step back from your practice.
  • Are you accidentally pushing our gifts away? You'll find out about the ONE BEHAVIOR that damages or destroys your natural spiritual abilities. Hint: It has to do with chosing energy over presence, trying too hard and judging what you are getting or not getting (sounds like every day behaviour, but it explains why you are having trouble in getting ahead...)
  • Characteristics of the "Naturals": You're going to love this, even if it makes you cringe at first. "Naturals" are people who naturally tune in to all the good stuff... and awakens the envy of the rest of us trying to get there. I'm going to give you the details on why it has just not been working for you.. It might sting a little at first to read about this, but trust me that you'll come out way ahead when you see how easy it is to be the kind of person that effortlessly lets abilities overflow instead of chasing them, and without much effort (or being the most spiritually advanced person in the room.)
  • The "7 Steps that anyone can do": Those who implement these steps effortlessly in their healing sessions and allow Deep Roots to do all the hard work, enjoy less frustration and more satisfaction as a healer. I'll go in depth into each step so you'll learn how to make them a natural part of your healing session...and let your client be amazed by the results and their experience.
  • Watch your performance fears vanish: I'm going to redefine "your self talk" so you set things up when healing with love - and so you don't have to go on believing that you don't have access to healing energies, spiritual guides or channeling. Contrary to popular belief, everyone has natural spiritual gifts - and even the most logical and closed off person has a powerful intuition that they make use of every day, without thinking about it. I'll tell you all about how you get that access.
  • To do it or not to do it: I'll let you in on the BIG SECRET you were never told growing up or in adult life. And once you know the truth, it's going to completely change the dynamic in you unfolding spiritually - you'll see your self easily getting downloads, messages from your guides, receiving consistent positive responses from practice clients and clients and if you are already a Reiki healer, you will get even more powerful results, as all other Reiki Masters who did this course.


Certified deep roots healer

"WOW! THANK YOU for creating this opportunity for me with this course! I am SO grateful and happy and can just feel how it feels so right for me to work with people in this way. I love it and I have developed a lot in this short time. It's so cool!! I'm so excited for the journey ahead."
Nethe Damgaard, Deep Roots Healer

"Regardless of who you are, you will be met right where you are.
I have been taken by the hand and received help beyond what I expected, from a healing course of only 4 weeks.
Anne Li is a fantastic teacher with an enormous amount of knowledge and life experience within the spiritual, which she conveys in a clear, authentic and very vivid way, so that everyone can join. For me, it has been worth its weight in gold."

Carolina, Deep Roots Healer

"No matter who you are and what your experience is, Anneli will be meet you right where you are.
I was taken by the hand and received help beyond what could be expected from a healing course of only 4 weeks.
Anne Li is an amazing teacher with an enormous amount of knowledge and life experience in the spiritual field, which she conveys in a clear, authentic and very lively way so that everyone can participate. For me it has been gold🙏 "

Ketty, Participant Become a Deep Roots healer 

 "I went from NEVER having healed anyone or anything in my life, not possessing spiritual abilities, to to having the WILDEST healing experiences from the first practice client .. - The power plug you get (Access to the entire Anneli´s network of inner healers) it's for life !!!!!! Coolest money spend ever !!!!!!! THANK YOU Anne Li "

Signe, Participant Become a Deep Roots healer

"I am a complete beginner. No succes meditating, grounding or sensing my intuition. In this course, something has happened in me. I can now access the body. I can shut off negative energy. I can heal. I've had some pretty wild experiences through the healing sessions. But the most important thing for me in all must be the feeling that I am finally coming home. To myself ... I'm grateful to have come across Anneli, and hardly think it was a coincidence ... 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️❤️ "

Mia, participant Become a Deep Roots healer 

Certified deep roots healer